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This blog began as an emailed educational endeavor to a group of my coworkers because I am an Autistic Speech Language Pathologist working in an Early Intervention setting. As push back on some of my more advocate based concepts declined, and interest in exploring and broadening concepts behind resources and methods increased coworkers began asking to be added to my email list; I began to realize that it was going to be an increasing burden to email past talks to new group members. So I reached out to a remarkable professional friend of mine who specializes in online presence, Evelynn Mimi Jones (Click link to connect, or see her in my resource page. I do recommend her help if you are unsure how to navigate)  and through their fantastic consultation found a talented and wonderful blog designer and hosting site. (There should be a link to them on the bottom of my page if you need help, I DO recommend their services). I also reached out to a friend of mine with remarkable editing skills (they are not yet ready to be shared as a source, and I need them so I can’t/ wont share yet) and together we have built what you see now. Because I was focused on that, for an entire month; and, because I also work full time I was too stressed out to write a blog in May. However, Through this process I have begun the journey of learning that will be the adventure of Neurodiversity Connects.